women with weights

  1. BOOST YOUR METABOLIC RATE DURING TRAINING AND AT REST. Lifting weights 2 x per week or more has been scientifically proven to boost your metabolic rate therefore more fat loss will occur at a rested state.  Experts suggest that for every kilo of muscle you gain you will burn an extra 10-20 calories at rest.  Ladies do not need to fear of bulking up as due to our hormones we are unable to gain muscle to that extent naturally only tone and shape the body.  You will burn more calories from a weight training session than from cardio as you continue to burn calories after weights due to the excess post oxygen effect (read my article on excess post oxygen consumption).
  2. SMILE MORE – Research shows that lifting weights releases feel good chemicals in the brain which in turn create a happier outlook on life.  Too many people jump on the antidepressants band wagon these days and unfortunately this only masks the problem, it also promotes weight gain in some people. So start lifting weights, lose body fat and gain happiness.
  3. LONGEVITY – Skeletal muscle helps you live longer. A research study at Tufts University discovered that the more muscle you have the better your chances of a longer life. Muscle was determined to be the top biomarker for longevity, more than either blood pressure or cholesterol.
  4. LOOK GREAT NAKED – Dont aim to look great in just clothes aim to look great naked.  Its easy to hide behind clothes and be skinny however the high levels of body fat will stop you from feeling great without the clothes on.  Skinny fat is prevelent this day and age and lifting weights is the answer to a shapely toned body.
  5. FUNCTIONALITY IN EVERYDAY LIFE –  Improved range and functionality of everyday living activities. Movements like climbing stairs, carrying groceries, dealing with luggage while travelling, carrying children etc will all happen for you much more efficiently by consistently maximizing your muscle strength and development.
  6. REDUCE CANCER RISK – Research has found strength training at least 2 x per week for 6 months led to reduced oxidative stress, which can lessen our cancer risk. So get lifting and oxygenate your body.
  7. HEALTHY HEART – The heart is a muscle also.  Cardio is not the only way to strengthen your heart.  Lifting weights will get that heart pumping leading to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
  8. STRENGHTEN YOUR BONES.  As we age our bone density decreases leading to osteoparosis and similar debailitating bone diseases.  Weight training promotes “bone banking” which helps to maintain our bone density as we age preventing bone disease.
  9. PREVENT INJURY – Strong muscles supports our skeletal system therefore when accident occurs our muscles prevent damage occuring to our joints, bones, ligaments and tendons.
  10. POSTURE – As we age and muscle declines we start to look frail and weak.  Weight training will prevent this by supports our skeletal system therefore promoting great posture.  Starting lifting weights and walk with confidence.

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