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10 WEEKS OUT! Wow I cant believe how fast the time is flying, its 10 weeks out today and my results are in, I dropped 2.5 ml this past week and my weight stayed the same which is awesome. I unfortunately didn’t drop any off my legs or lower back but my coach says more than likely due to hormones from the breast-feeding as my body will hold onto these areas until the hormones have regulated again. Prolactin is not my friend! ☹ I will be giving my baby her last feed next Sunday

so I am looking forward to seeing the effects this has on my progress. My abs are coming out even more and my tie in’s through the chest/shoulders are quite prominent now, my shoulder/bicep and shoulder/tricep tie in’s are slowly getting there, I love when this becomes very obvious. This is the first week that people are starting to really say “have you lost weight” I think this is due to the fact I always tend to get a very lean face, I’m starting to get that “show look” now, this is the part I hate as I feel I look so much older he he!! Ash has just advised me that my cardio will now go up to 1 hour 2 x per week, I don’t mind though as I’m am used to doing cardio anyway, as I said in my previous blog, it’s my time, and you don’t get much of that when you have 3 kids and run a business. ☺ My food is still satisfying but coach is now changing my diet a fair bit, I am taking out my good fats in

meal 2 and meal 6 and changing some of the protein sources in some meals. I was already starting to get very hungry after my breakfast and now with the good fats gone in the next meal I assume I will start to feel the same after meal 2. Training is going great, its always so motivating training leading up to a show, I love it! Well that’s it for now. Here is my latest progress pic. Gem ☺ 10 WEEKS OUT

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