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So after much thought I have decided to hit the stage again in September at the INBA Queensland titles after the birth of my third child in May 2011. My last comp was the INBA Natural Olympia in 2009 here on the Gold Coast in which i placed 3rd. My initial plan was to completely cease breast-feeding (which I hopefully will have in 2 weeks) then work really hard at getting my muscle mass back to where it was pre baby then build more mass before leaning down for the INBA Brisbane and ANB Asia Pacific’s in 2013, this has slightly changed however due to my lack of patience ha ha, and my burning desire to be part of our awesome Xtreme team who will all be competing in the Qld titles.

Ash Mason is my extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, successful and highly sought after coach, he also happens to be my amazing better half, super dad to our 3 children and business partner at Xtreme Results Personal Training and Nutrition. I am extremely lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge on hand at all times, he is also a very supportive rock. So its 13 weeks out and I am feeling so motivated right now, training is going great and will only get better once I am able to take some pre workouts after weaning my baby. I am feeling leaner already yet have maintained my body weight which is unreal as this means I am refilling those muscle cells. My coach has bumped my cardio this week up to ½ hour every day and I am loving it. It’s my time! I put on some wicked sounds and get into it, such a great start to the day. Hmm I wonder how long this attitude will last. This will be my 7th comp and so far I have scored three 1st placing’s, two 2nd placing’s and one 3rd. Ash has been my coach from the start and there is no way I would have reached any of my goals if it hadn’t been for his expertise. I will be competing in the physique short open class and in the Figure International class. This will be my first time competing in the figure international round which will be quite interesting, in this round you are only asked to perform quarter turns and the judges are after a slightly different look than the new physique round. The competition has really increased over the last few years and there’s so many amazing physiques on stage getting in ultimate condition, I’m very excited! My goal for this comp is to get back on the stage in a leaner and dryer condition than ever before, then I will aim to increase my muscle mass for May next year! Well that’s it for my first blog, stay tuned for more. Gemma Irving

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