Ammie is passionate to “inspire women to love, cherish and transform the body, mind and spirit to be happy and healthy”. Ammie is an expert transformation specialist with several years experience training clients to achieve their transformation goals. she is a qualified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, has completed studies with Paul Chek in Core conditioning, Scientific Back training, Program design, Training women “Equal but not the same” and believes functional strength is the key in developing programs for clients for sustained results.
With over 5 years Yoga teaching experience, her style incorporates the holistic aspects of getting results including mindfulness, compassion to oneself and continued growth.
She loves running, yoga, strength and power training and has completed a number of half marathons and a marathon in the Gold coast.
If you are looking for transformation and a healthy and happy lifestyle, your commitment is key. Whether your goal is to transform your body to compete or to feel and look your best.
Ammie will be your coach, sidekick and trainer to help you get there every step of the way.

Call me now on (07) 55220846 I look forward to working with you!!

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