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Check out this information below on body fat and cells:

Before you read the following information you must understand that when we lose body fat (by creating a deficit) the cells do not go away initially they just shrink thus giving us the appearance of a leaner body.

Studies from the University of Karolina in Stockholm show that on average obese people are making twice as many fat cells per year as lean people and this is because they usually grow more fat cells in childhood in fact they grow 2 ½ times more fat cells than lean people, this is a curse that stays with them for the rest of their lives because even if they lose body fat, they have all these fat cells waiting to fill up again.

Fat mass is really a product of the number of the fat cells you have and the size of the fat cells. Obese people have an increased ability to move fat and store it in the fat tissue, and they have a decreased ability of moving fat out of the fat cells out of the fat tissue, and each of these fat cells last for 10 years.

What we must take from this is that fad diets and fluctuations in weight due to incorrect diets and exercise programs will not results in a life long lean body, we must shrink the fat cells by following a eating plan and exercise program personalised to the individual to initially lose the body fat, then change to a eating plan and a exercise program that is sustainable to maintain your new lean body for life. Eventually the excess fat cells will die. We must also educate our children as if they lay down excess fat cells as children this makes it extremely hard to change in adulthood.

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