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In the last week I have dropped 3ml and increased my weight on the scales by 1 kilo. I have dropped the breast-feeding right down to 2 feeds per day, the control crying was successful and I plan to be completely finished in 2 weeks.

This has posed a slight challenge for my coach due to the fact that I was losing calories through the night through the feeding, but Ash is always up for a challenge, ☺ he assures me that this will not be a problem and he will re-evaluate the eating plan once the next fat test is complete and adjust it accordingly. I’m hoping that the weight gain is muscle as I have been training really hard and I do feel leaner in certain areas, I would love to see my lower back mls reduce this week as this has still not moved since the beginning. The time is flying which is great.  My kids are back to school next week which means strict time management, its been quite nice the last few weeks not having to be on such a tight schedule with all the things that come with it, but now I have created my habit of preparing meals, cardio and training times and meal times, its just a matter of getting up that hour or so earlier to prepare that children’s day also. Strict routine and preparation is the key!!! I love having my coach devise my diet as it takes all the thinking out of it. Its also so important for me to have Ash evaluate my progress each week as when you are competing I think your head definitely plays tricks with you and I find when I look at myself I am comparing my body fat levels to “show ready” all the time rather than where I should be thus far out. My diet is still very satisfying, I love the inclusion of the “good fats” as they stop all the cravings, my taste buds have started to change as they do when you are comp prepping, I am tasting the sweetness of the veggies and I taste the fat in my meat, its amazing what we get used to. My cheat meal is still enjoyable but each week you notice how toxic you feel after all the refined sugar and saturated fats, comp prepping is such a great detox. Here is my next progress pic. I hope you enjoyed my blog. If you subscribe to my rss feeds you will receive all my lastest blogs as they are posted! Gem ☺

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