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Check out these scientifically proven facts that support my post on health and beauty benefits of strength training for woman.

  1. Weight training releases growth hormone, which has anti ageing benefit, it’s also great for lean muscle gain, fat loss, skin, hair and nails.
  2. Yoga and running will produce 0 growth hormone
  3. Woman don’t have the hormonal structure to gain massive bulk
  4. Heavy weight training increases insulin sensitivity (therefore you will not produce as much insulin) read my previous post to learn more.
  5. Heavy weight training has an anti-estrogenic effect (therefore you will lose body fat off you thighs and butt)

Don’t get sucked into the new gimmicky training styles some personal trainers these days are offering, as they are just that…..gimmicks. These trainers are so busy trying to come up with new fun exciting exercises, meanwhile they are totally forgetting the scientific fundamentals of real training.

For example there is a popular training method at present amongst the rich and famous, now this may look good on paper but any educated personal trainer will understand that scientifically it is once again ….a gimmick. The training method I am talking about aims to give you a “tiny dancers body”. How does it work? To develop this “tiny dancers body” a process called “atrophy” will need to occur. Atrophy of course is tissue wasting – predominantly muscle, this is because this method of training expects you to complete very high repetitions 80, 100 or even more per set. Know which method I’m talking about? ..When you do small high repetitions in a muscle cell this causes cell neurosis or cell death, this is the same process that happens to marathon runners. Of course this will create a smaller look but it is at a cost, decreased lifespan and risk of osteoporosis.

Research at Tufts University show that the two leading predictors to living a long healthy life are how much lean body mass you maintain over your life span and how strong you are. To achieve these two factors there is no other better prescription than strength training.

Now you understand the benefits of strength training, get out there and train hard on a weekly basis to reap the benefits.

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