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If so make sure you do your research and choose your options wisely to ensure you are successful in achieving your health and fitness requirements for 2016!!!
Did you know check-ins on Facebook to facilities with “gym” in the name drop 10% in February, according to two years of Facebook data. The decline starts as early as the third week in January, Facebook researchers say. This dip comes after a more than 50% surge from December as people chase vows to lose weight or get fit.
According to a 2009 study by researchers at the University College of London, it takes 66 days to form a habit.
Setting a specific goal is more effective than vague vows to work out more. Experts say “a new habit should be realistic enough to be reachable but challenging enough to be worthwhile”.
Here at Xtreme Results Personal Training and Nutrition on the Gold Coast we offer personalised one on one transformation programs that target the three keys factors to a successful transformation (nutrition, strength training and cardio vascular exercise). Hiring a personal trainer is a sure fire way to ensure you follow through with your health and fitness resolution for 2016. Here are four important reasons why a personal trainer is a better choice than joining a gym:
1. Accountability
Anyone who begins a life altering path such as the road to improving their health and fitness always finds it difficult initially as the hardest factor is staying accountable. Having someone who is going to keep you honest is the key. A good personal trainer will ensure you are safely pushing yourself in each and every session and wont let you get away with making excuses.
2. Nutrition
Remember nutrition is approximately 70-80% of the end result so its extremely important you follow a personalised plan designed with your results in mind. A good personal trainer should regularly take skin folds and/or measurements. This way they will know whether you are following your nutrition plan and its also the best way to keep you accountable to your diet. Here at Xtreme Results we offer personalised nutrition plans designed by a qualified nutritionist.
3. Plateau
Majority of people who join a gym will reach a plateau in their health and fitness shortly after signing their yearly contract. The reason being is that most people do not have the knowledge to understand how to mix things up in each and every session. Generally you will be given a basic program on signing (if your lucky!!) which will give you some initial results (if you are consistent!!) however once your body gets used to this workout the results will plateau and boredom will occur. A good personal trainer will ensure your workout’s are full of new and challenging exercises and these should become harder from week to week the more conditioned you become.

4. Prevention and Rehabilitation of injury
It is vital to engage a personal trainer if you are combating any old injuries or new. Strength training is imperative to the rehabilitation or your injury and to prevent future injuries from occuring. This must be performed under professional guidence as the majority of people do not have the knowledge to understand what exercises to avoid and which to include, and how to perform them with the correct technique. Xtreme Results Gold Coast training facility aims to provide a service for persons of little or no existing fitness levels suffering with injuries to high level athletes affected by sports injuries. The Xtreme Results concept is therefore unique in its approach. We provide under one roof facilities, for physical rehabilitation, remedial exercise and functional training.


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