Hi my name is Ash Mason,  I am the proud owner and Personal Trainer here at my Gold Coast Studio – Xtreme Results Personal Training and Nutrition.


“CAUTION: The ultimate transformation is about to be achieved”

I have been personal training now for 16 years and specialise in body transformation and contest prep. I am able to work with any age, shape or size to achieve the transformation they desire, I am also a metabolic and hormone coach and a nutrition professional, I devise plans for my clients to not only achieve a complete transformation, but a complete health and well-being overhaul. I also have a passion for rehabilitation and sports and strength conditioning, I have helped many clients rehabilitate there long term debilitating injuries, even after being told surgery is their only option. My personal training manner is unique, I devise weekly training styles to keep your body guessing, no workout is the same, train with me and you will not be bored of doing the same routine week in and week out that you may have experienced with other personal trainers. Call me on 0406195208 to start your life changing personal training experience, because if its worth doing, its worth doing well………no regrets!!!

I have a passion and love for the sport of Body Building which I have had great personal success. I am a contest preparation coach and I have prepared many clients who have also had great success winning and placing in state, national and world titles. If you are interested in being prepared for a competition to achieve a winning physique, then check out my contest prep section in this website.  My preparation applies to Body builders of all levels, Figure competitors and Fitness Models. Below are my personal contest achievements to date:

  • 2002 NABBA Mr Athletic – 2nd.
  • 2003 NABBA Class 4 Queenslands 1st.
  • 2003 NABBA Class 4 Southern hemispheres 3rd.
  • 2004 NABBA Class 3 Queensland 2nd.
  • 2004 NABBA Class 4 Southern hemispheres 2nd.
  • 2004 NABBA Class 4 World championships 3rd.
  • 2005 NABBA Class 4 Southern hemispheres 3rd.
  • 2008 NABBA Class Southern hemispheres 1st.
  • 2008 NABBA Class 4 Queensland 1st.
  • 2008 NABBA Class 4 Australians 1st.
  • 2010 NABBA Class 4 Australlans 3rd.

“My passion and dream is to help my clients achieve their goals, and to see them enjoy the lifestyle changes I have implemented for them”

Contact me now on 0406 195 208 because if its worth doing, its worth doing well!!