Firstly, thank you Ash and Gem for the last 16 weeks! Being my first comp prep, I was slightly hesitant/unsure about investing in a coach as I had no idea what I was in for, but I’m so glad I went with you guys! I stuck to Ash’s nutritional advice/meal plans religiously and am so incredibly happy with the results I achieved from this. I was never hungry, I always had energy to train and the plan was switched up weekly so my tastebuds didn’t get too bored! Ash did a great job of personalising my plan and always checking in with me to make sure I was on track and feeling good. Gem made the posing side of things nice and easy to learn, and always made sure I was comfortable and ready to get up on the stage. I lost 14kgs in the 16 weeks, gained alot of muscle and am now the strongest/leanest/fittest I’ve ever been. Also, the most confident I have ever been in my own skin. Can’t wipe the smile off my face when buying new clothes that are size 8! 2 weeks post Comp I’m still feeling amazing and haven’t lost any motivation. Ash is seeing me weekly during my reverse plan to ensure I stay on the right track. I am enjoying a balanced diet which includes some treats and wine and I am managing to maintain my body fat. Thank you for playing such a massive part in my transformation! Will recommend you guys for sure.

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When I made the decision that I wanted to compete in a fitness model competition I had no idea where to start. I knew no one in the industry and didn’t even have a gym membership so I started a google search.. Xtreme Results showed a history of success behind them with knowledgeable trainers so that’s where I started. I decided to take part in the Xtreme Results 2013 12 Week Transformation – Fitness Model Competition which included a structured training program and nutrition plan designed by Ash Mason, I also trained with Gemma Irving twice per week. I was amazed when I started seeing and feeling results within a couple of weeks. I was extremely excited when I won their competition and couldn’t wait to start my 20 week contest prep with Ash that would lead me to competing in two stage competitions in 2014.

Throughout the 20 weeks, Ash’s meal plans were tailored to suit my preferences and were so easy to follow. Until those challenging last couple of weeks before a competition I was full of energy and never got sick once throughout my prep (compared to constant flu’s and antibiotic courses before I started). I was also doing weight training 6 days a week and my body was always able to respond well as my nutrition was being looked after. Ash always gave me confidence that if I followed the plan, the results would show for themselves – and they did. Getting a 2nd, 3rd and 4th places between the two competitions I couldn’t have been happier. I truly believe it all comes down to the planning within the months prior and Ash has the experience to get anyone who is willing to give it their all, at their physical best come competition day.

Getting 1:1 personal training with Gemma was great to give me that extra push every week too. Gemma taught me everything I know about strength training and would ensure my technique was always right. I was fortunate to stay injury-free following her training guides.

Fitness model competitions are no easy sport to take part in but knowing you are being supported by the best in the business makes it easier. I often had days when I doubted myself or questioned why I was wanting to compete, but after checking in with Ash each week I was full of encouragement again. Following competing I have been able to take what I learned and fit it into my lifestyle now. Not only has competing given me a completely new approach to my diet and training but also a new confidence in myself. – Lucy Nuzum




First of all that I would like to say that I am very fortunate to have found Gemma & Ash. Gemma my personal trainer & posing coach and Ash my comp prep coach/Nutritionist, they are absolutely FANTASTIC. I took 2nd place in Figure First Timer & Figure U/52kg & 4th place for Fitness 40+ out of many girls, I went home with 3 trophies and I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, I don’t know how to say thank you enough. I’m just so glad that I have found these amazing people and I have AMAZING results. I’ve trained with many personal trainers in the past but it’s been nothing like this, I thoroughly enjoy every session with Gemma, she is extremely cautious with technique and pushes me to my limits, under her watchful eye I am fortunate to stay injury free, I always look forward to training with her. Ash is very knowledgable and knows how to ensure people reach this condition while maintaining optimal health, I only performed a small amount of HIT cardio in the last few weeks. I had energy all the way through my prep and maintained my strength thanks to Ash’s plans. The plans were so easy to stick to and I did not feel deprived as there was a lot of food and variety. I feel so healthy and didn’t pick up any colds or flus throughout my prep. Both Ash and Gemma are warm, fun loving & easy going, and they are experts in their field. They were there for me every step of the way and I am very excited to be competing again under their guidance this September. Thank you Gemma & Ash, you are the BEST.  – Melissa Kilner


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Competing in a fitness/ bikini model competition was always something that I had wanted to do, and after researching a few places online I contacted Ash. Throughout my competition prep Ash was great! We had regular check in’s to make sure that we were progressing on the right track and he was always contactable for questions which he always answered promptly. My biggest achievement throughout the prep was gaining muscle! I have for the most recent part of my adult life been fairly slim and have struggled to gain muscle, however, following Ash’s personalised nutrition plan and training protocol’s I was able to gain lean muscle mass!! For anyone looking to compete I cannot recommend Ash highly enough or even anyone wanting to lose weight/gain muscle or get fit! He made the whole process which can be fairly stressful easy to follow and throughout the preparation until the final few weeks I was never hungry or completing massive amounts of cardio. Ash also devised my plans based on foods that I enjoyed eating and he was always checking to make sure that I wasn’t hungry. I was also lucky enough to have an amazing posing coach, Gemma, who also worked with me on my posing routine, and she was also available for a few extra sessions in the last few weeks. Through Ash’s nutritional plan and guidance and Gemma’s posing I was lucky enough to win my first ever competition at the Brisbane Classic, placing first in Miss Bikini first timers and fourth in Ms Bikini novice, an achievement that I never thought possible and I would not have been able to achieve without both Ash and Gemma. – Rachael Duplock.




From early 2013 my goal was to compete in just one competition. By October I was so hooked on the sport I had participated in 6 competitions. I discovered “body-sculpting” when I noticed a friend had posted her competition photos. Her physique was toned, tight and she had a smile from ear to ear. She looked incredible. I needed a challenge like this. I caught up with her for coffee and she filled me in on how she came to compete.
I took it all in and once I got home I began frantically researching on-line for competitions in my area. I knew I couldn’t do this on my own, having still not much of an idea of what was required to compete. I jumped on Google and typed “fitness competition coaches”. After reading some trainers bio’s I made an appointment to see Ash Mason from Xtreme Results.
Ash created a nutrition plan and we made an appointment for personal training once a week leading up to a competition in May. Other than the PT appointments, I was weight training a minimum of 5 days every week, and doing a few sessions of light cardio. I would consult with Ash regularly over the prep to perform body fat tests and make nutrition plan changes, I found the plan easy to stick to and fulfilling.
In my first year of competing I managed to place in all but 1 competition. In May I came 2nd at the INBA Brisbane Titles; in June – 1st at the ANB Asia Pacific International in Fitness Model Tall; September – 1st in Fitness Model Tall Open at the INBA QLD Titles; and October – 1st at the INBA Nationals in Fitness Model Tall Open. From this I was recognised by some editors and became a 2 x cover model.  I have Ash Mason to thank for my transformation and achievements. – Ebony McLaughlin.





“Growing up I was always really active, playing all the sports under the sun! However finishing up high school followed by going through graduate studies made it hard for me to keep it all up. After doing a few group fitness training sessions and trialling out cross fit, some close friends of mine mentioned to me that they could picture me doing a fitness modelling comp! I had never thought of the idea, however from the moment they mentioned it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

So I looked into it, and having known a few people who had done it with Xtreme Results I decided to book in to see Ash for a consultation to chat more about it.
Pretty much at the end of this, I was SOLD; and from there I was aiming for the fitness modelling category, bring it on!!
Throughout the 20 weeks prep I was open to whatever suggestions Ash had regarding the diet and training, and my body responded like a textbook! This made it a really enjoyable prep smile emoticon I was never left starving, but rather craving for more and more foods to supply the energy for my metabolism and all of the intense training sessions – which by far was my favourite part! I joined a gym for the first time and loved getting stuck into the weights! Watching my body build more muscle, lean down and transform was super exciting stuff.
This made me realise that I loved the challenge of competing, however it’s definitely more than that; not just a one off ‘tick off the bucket list’ activity for me, but rather a lifestyle change and something I’d love to maintain from now on, to only improve from here on out!! Competing in the INBA and ANB were simply the first steps towards both discovering and living out my passion for fitness! Thanks to Ash and Gem for making this happen! smile emoticon
If you’re ready to embark on a journey to discover positive change, lifelong health, and confidence in yourself, don’t hesitate to call these guys – Alex Lim

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I was looking for someone to guide and coach me to achieve my goal as a figure competitor within a natural and healthy environment and I am so thankful that I have Ash and Gemma as my coach.
Since training with Ash & Gemma at Xtreme Results there has been a vast difference in my physique due to the individual attention they provide. Gemma’s expert guidance assisted me in my training programs and she pushed me beyond what I thought was my limit. With her direction, my training form has improved greatly and I have more flexibility and strength. I suffer from migraines and Gemma took this into account with my program and because of this I have more confidence in my own training and development. Gemma also assists with the posing routine and guided me with on stage presence and she was there on competition day to support prior to and in between each category.
Ash introduced me to effective nutrition and supplements to achieve my goal. I did struggle with the amount I had to eat as I never had a big appetite, but I had total confidence in his ability and experience and trusted the results would come. Meeting regularly and having measurements done, gave us the opportunity to fine tune and make changes to the food plan if needed, also preference was given to food I did enjoy –the process was made simple and was never complicated. I could see the program was working as I was able to see the changes in my body as body fat was dropping and lean muscle mass remained. Being over 50 I thought the results would take a lot longer but their experience, energy and passion to a healthy and positive approach assisted me coming fifth in my very first competition.
I have enjoyed my journey; so much so I am continuing this journey for the next comp with Xtreme Results. I would recommend Ash & Gemma as the RESULTS are there on the stage!
– Vanness Sharpin



I enlisted the help of Ash and Gemma at Xtreme Results as I had always had always thought it would be cool to compete in a Body Building competiiton and to have some professional fitness photos done to show off all my hard work, also I have always admired the bodies of fitness models. I have always been into the health and fitness lifestyle, eating healthy, working out and training as I find it an excellent stress release and being fit makes me feel and look awesome. I completed a 12 week body transformation with Ash and Gemma and then completed a further 8 week contest prep, so all up my prep went for 20 weeks, I had just returned from a 3 month holiday in America so the body transformation was well needed and my body responded well. Ash was awesome with my meal plans and with structuring it to my likes and dislikes and Gemma was fantastic to train with, pushing me hard would have taken it easy and getting me to do those extra reps that really count. They are both a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bodybuilding and competing and I reccommend them for anyone wanting to do a body transformation or wanting to compete or just get into body building. These are my results for my 1st comp and I achieved the following titles ;
3rd place Fitness Model Novice
3rd Place Fitness Model Intermediate
4th Place Fitness Model Over 30
I then also qualified to go to Nationals 3 weeks later which was awesome, a tougher lineup but I was very grateful to have made it to both State and National Titles. Go Team Extreme! – Selena Mason

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Choosing Ash Mason as my competition preparation coach was the best choice I made after deciding to compete. With Ash’s direction I achieved my goal and so much more. I am mostly grateful for what I learnt about eating whole foods and timing of certain foods to achieve a healthy and strong body and mind; I will use Ash’s principals towards health through real food for life now. Throughout the preparation I maintained my health, hormone balance and for the most part, was at my physical peak and maintained constant vitality. Ash’s competition package was comprehensive and included everything I needed step on stage ready and confident. I was impressed with Ash’s professional and direct approach to the preparation and he was always available to answer my questions and offer advice. His attention to detail the weeks following the competition helped me to return to normal life with a healthy attitude towards food, training and maintaining a physique I am proud of. His wife Gems one on one posing classes were fantastic and I appreciated those greatly. I would, and do, recommend my family and friends to contact Ash for competition preparation and help to achieve a healthy body and mind.
Post comp reverse planning has been excellent and I am maintaining the lean physique I always wanted.
I remember the time I asked Ash if I can swap my morning tea meal for a shake because I had no time between patients at work for it. His no crap approach response with ‘no I need u eating real food’ and that stuck with me throughout. Now I will always opt for real food! my quest/protein bars are still sitting in my cupboard- I feel like they’re a treat now! haha
I really am thankful for learning how to maintain my weight and muscle/physique. So thanks so much to Ash and Gem!

katrina before and after