Xtreme Results Personal Training and Nutrition Gold Coast provides speed training, strength training, sports specific agility training and stretch training to ensure your young athlete advances to the next level which in turn will greatly improve sports performance in their chosen sport.

Here at Xtreme Results we provide Coaches who are university educated in the field of strength and conditioning, and all hold current blue cards and first aid certificates.  We work with all ages including youth sports, primary school middle, high school, university and professional athletes. These days young athletes are sustaining injuries they never should due to the fact they are not being correctly prepared for their chosen sport. Here at Xtreme Results we understand that a strong focus must be placed on all aspects of sports specific strength, conditioning and flexibility with the age of your athlete in mind.  We provide training that will ensure optimal sports peformance in a extremely safe and professional manner.

We have worked with hundreds of kids and teens some of which have gone on to a professional level.

PRIMARY ATHLETES: This is a critical time for the young athlete as they easily absorb new movements, information and habits.  For primary athletes Xtreme Results Strength and Conditioning specialist trainers will  work to create highly important foundations in a fun and constructive manner.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETES: Our specialist Gold coast strength and conditioning coaches will expose your middle school athlete to the basics of sports specific strength and conditioning which will ensure a higher level of performance in their chosen sport.  Our coaches focus on specific stretching techniques to ensure injury prevention.  You can expect your young athlete to not only develop their physical performance but also to adapt a winning attitude and long term commitment to their sport.

HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES: Our specialist Gold Coast Strength and Conditioning coaches understand that your high school athlete requires specific training that prepares them for highly competitive performance.  We develop tailored programs which include strength and cardiovascular training to create optimal conditioning for your teen athlete.  We place a strong focus on flexibility to prevent injuries from occuring and promotes optimal human movement.

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