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Do you have the courage to take on the challenge that is transforming your body?

Great, then I am here to help guide you successfully through the transformation process.

My name is James Felstead and I am a Personal Trainer that specialises in transformation exercise programs that complement a strong nutritional base for your successful transformation. My focus for your success will be:

  • To build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat via strength training and specific nutrition protocols

My career has always been driven by the desire to help people learn, grow and build better lives for themselves. Coming from an AFL background I have always maintained a strong fitness base. For years I was dedicated to long distance running have successfully prepared for and completed several Kododa 96km Challenges as well as Gold Coast Marathons. Over the last seven years I have focussed on strength training and natural body building.

I also have a background in psychology having a Bachelor of Psychology Honours from Griffith University, Gold Coast. I use these skills to help clients maintain their fitness mindset through the transformation process.

Finally, I am a regular family man with two children in school and trying to balance the usual demands of pick-ups, drop-offs, sport, dancing, play dates and school activities whilst maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Working at Xtreme Results Personal Training & Nutrition on the Gold Coast allows me to do what I do best, help people transform their lives whilst having some fun along the way in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

CALL US NOW ON (07) 55220846, I look forward to working with you!!