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Xtreme Results Personal Training and Nutrition cater for all leveled athletes. These days all athletes understand the need for proper Sports specific Strength and Conditioning Training. Xtreme Results Sports and Strength Conditioning Coaches cater for ages 12 and above for high level through to professional level athletes. Our Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning Training programs have been designed to take you to the next level in your chosen sport. We devise the correct training protocol for your sport, through innovative training components, also a large focus is placed on injury prevention through appropriate stretching techniques, before and after training.

To ensure you are protecting yourself from injuries in your sport you must undertake appropriate strength and condition by a qualified, experience coach. A key aspect of all our work at Xtreme Results is our dedication and commitment to helping improve the Athletic performance of our Clients and Athletes. All our trainers at Xtreme Results are Australian Champions in their chosen sport, so they know first hand the importance of correct sports and strength conditioning.

We have helped so many Athletes take their game to the next level, including Soccer Players, Surfers, Baseball Players, NRL, AFL and Union Players, Golf Players, Tri-athletes, V8 Super car drivers, Sprinters, Marathon Runners, Body Builders, Figure competitors, Gymnasts, Swimmers, Netball and Tennis players.

If you are an athlete seeking Strength and Conditioning to step up your game, Xtreme Results is the place for you.

Our personal training facility is located in Varsity Lakes, only 5 minutes drive from Robina, Burleigh, Mudgeeraba, Elanora and Reedy Creek.

Contact us now on 55220846 or alternatively use our contact submission form to book in for your consultation now