Our young athlete Netball strength and conditioning program is designed to take your young athlete to the next level.

Xtreme Results Personal Training Gold Coast offer this specialist program to take your young athlete fitness level and skill level to another level.   We have worked with many young athletes either prior to their trials or ongoing to ensuring continuous improvement so that they have what it takes to stand out above the rest.

Our Gold Coast Personal Trainers are available after school hours and anytime during the holidays.
We will include agility, plyometrics, speed training, sports specific movements, core strength, sports specific strength and flexibility.  The sessions are personalised and we will find with your daughters strengths and weaknesses, then we will ensure to train her accordingly to bring her level of sportsmanship up.  We understand our young athletes are still growing and we ensure that the training will not affect their growth plates.
Check out this video of Dakota Newson below.   Dakota has been training with Gemma Mason since she was 9 years old. During this time Dakota had an accident in one of her Netball games which resulted in her breaking both of the bones in her forearm which also cut through her skin.  Gemma worked with Dakota to rehab her and ensure she did not lose her fitness and strength.  Due to her post surgery training/rehab, Dakota was still able to play in the Queensland team at the Nationals just 5 months later.  Since, Dakota has been going from strength to strength and has currently been signed by QUT as part of the Sapphire series.  At just 15 years of age, Dakota is one of the youngest players to be signed at his level.
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