So this is my starting point !!!!
With week one of my prep done and dusted it was great to meet with my coach Ash Mason @xtremeresults to assess exactly were I’m starting from.

After planning with Ash early on in the off season to stay leaner in an
effort to get a leaner end result I was really happy to find that our plan has worked !!! I’m starting this prep leaner than I ever have before and it hasn’t been due to any crazy diet, Ash just gave me some general rules for maintaining a lean composition while still gaining muscle and I’ve gained a few kg’s of lean muscle along the way.

I’ve previously won in fitness model class, placed second and fourth in figure classes
and also placed second in over 30 fitness moodel in my first show (all with Ash) so my goal is to hit the stage looking my best ever and hopefully improve on previous results. Not a small
task but I’m so focused this time around I’m sure were gonna kill it !!!

Previously as my goals and ideas have changed Ash has been really understanding and altered things to meet my changing ideas (surprise surprise I can be a bit…strong willed lol). It’s great to have someone on your side that understands what it is to be passionate about your sport and goals, however, this time I’m letting the expert take control again haha so I’m pretty damn excited to see the end result to say the least. I feel really strong and healthy.

Bring on the next 10 weeks !



Week 2 – Fat mls down ?
Another week prepping with Ash down and closer to that end goal.?
It occurred to me this week just how much I’ve learnt while prepping with Ash @xtremeresults. My whole attitude to how I treat my body has changed.
Waking up not feeling great is no longer the norm and supplying my body with what it needs is just second nature.
This week I’ve dropped weight off the scales (1.2kg) but that wasn’t so much my goal, it’s the change in body fat that has been great to see. Flatter stomach, obliques starting to pop and those dam legs starting to lean out a little ?. I used to live a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. Wasn’t overweight and still exercised but hardly ate and tortured my body with waaaaY to much partying.
Old friends say to me ‘you’ve changed’ ( and there not complimenting me ) and I think ‘thank god I’ve changed, maybe you should too’
I think growth and change is natural , don’t feel you have to be what you were yesterday or what people expect you to be !
It’s never too late to become what you might of been ?? Love this fit life