There are many personal trainers on the Gold Coast and I have trained with a few of these trainers during my time on the Coast, until I found Ashley and Gemma at Xtreme Results.
There is just something different about this family run business. You feel like a friend instead of a client, although the professionalism is outstanding.
The 1-on-1 training in a private studio, personalize the experience in a relaxed setting. Ashley’s knowledge about training techniques, nutrition and his focus on client goals whether it is health, fitness (cardio or muscle gain) or weight loss is exceptional. During the last 10 years (yes 10 years!) of training with him I had all of the above goals at different times and successfully reached all my goals with his help and hard work.
As a medical doctor I am astounded at Ashley’s knowledge of the functioning of the human body (anatomy, physiology, dietetics and biochemistry) and his approach to training different people with diverse goals. Whether you are a bodybuilder or just someone who wants to improve your health and wellbeing, he has a program for you. Everything is individualized, personalized and directed at your goals. He has the motivational skills to push you to reach your personal best and his calm, professional demeanour encourages you to try harder to reach these goals.
A few years ago I injured my right shoulder in an accident at home. Ash immediately adapted my training program and with the help of a physiotherapist and Ash’s knowledge of training clients with injuries, I have now normal functioning and strength of my shoulder back.
I would encourage anyone to make an appointment with Ash or Gemma and give Xtreme Results a go. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.
-Phillip Fourie
MBBS, D Couns


After 15 long years of battling with my weight I was chatting to a friend who suggested Xtreme Results Personal Training, I had tried many personal training studios and various fitness centres in the past and either never felt comfortable or did not achieve any long lasting results, I thought to myself I will give it one more go and this turned out to be a life changing decision.

After completing Xtreme Results 12 week transformation with Ashley, I not only lost 15 kilos of body fat, I also gained lean muscle, learned a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and health of metabolism function, increased my fitness tremendously and have a new lease on life. I found Ashley to be highly motivating without being the typical “drill sargeant trainer” that I experienced in the past, extremely knowledgable in every area of fitness and nutrition and an all round great guy. Ashley I cant thank you enough, I am now so happy with my new body and I know with all the knowledge you have given me I can and will stay this way.

– Susan Porter

Looking back on my decision to start this challenge it really was a case of now or never. The 12 week transformation had been a consideration for the past 2 years, always on my mind but never enough to really make me take it seriously. Although I had turned 50 this year, that was not the reason for the challenge. Age was not something that I thought a lot about, if I feels right then just get on with it…. In my case I had to stop thinking about it and just do it.

Coming out of a long period of inactivity I knew I needed someone to help and motivate me. Ash & Gemma from Xtreme Results Personal Training provided that help from start to finish. Ash provided me with a total eating and weight programme, closely monitored to make changes when needed. I had not properly used a weight training program before so that provided motivation as my strength began to increase and my weight & the centimetres began to decrease. Initially my weight loss was gradual but consistent, and just enough to give me incentive to continue.

Although I did have a cheat day allocated, I found that it was just as easy to continue with my regular nutrition plan which gave me plenty of choice in the first 6 weeks. On the few occasions I did go out for dinner I just made sure I didn’t go overboard.

Into the second 6 weeks I really started to notice the changes in body and energy levels. As the intensity and exercise time increased the changes started to become very noticeable. I knew from previous experience that major changes happen around week 10 and I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t always plain sailing, but I learned to focus on the final picture. Having put in the hard work, I felt that I was finally in control and the results were becoming evident.

Although it was a full on 12 weeks the further I progressed the better I felt and the more energy I had. It is a great feeling being fit and healthy and that is the way I plan to stay. Thanks to the Xtreme results 12 week challenge I now have the motivation to move on to my next goal and to continue with my strength/fitness program to improve my performance in athletics.

– Donna Emerson

I am only too pleased to relate my experiences with Xtreme Results.

I engaged Ashley at Xtreme Results about 4 months ago. I am in my mid 40’s; I am a busy business manager and carrying a lot of excess Kilos. I also have significantly reduced movement in my right hip due to poor rehab from a very old injury (over 20 years ago).

I do 2 x 60 minute sessions per week and follow a really simple and very ‘liveable’ eating plan provided by Ashley & Gemma. The studio is equipped with great new equipment and I always have genuine one on one sessions.

For me the results have been outstanding. I have lost over 3 kilos in the first week and have sustained weight loss at over 1 kilo per week since. I can absolutely feel the difference in my clothes. My fitness has clearly improved; I am able to sustain activity well beyond the time and/or effort that I could previously attempt. Mobility in my hip has continued to measurably improve each week – I can now lift my right foot to tie my shoe laces – I haven’t been able to do that for 10 years.

The above benefits are really great but perhaps even better are my overall feeling of wellbeing, self control and satisfaction in taking charge on my health and quality of life. These benefits impact my health, my family life, and my performance at work.

The time I spend in sessions with Ashley is more than just a workout, it is time where I learn about how my body works, how to exercise to maximise benefits, discuss how my eating plan works or ways I can adjust it to fit my life style. Most of all I get in my sessions, time for me to totally focus on me, and Ashley really supports that ‘me time’ through his coaching style.

I have had lots of diets, and gym memberships in the past, but my experience with Xtreme Results for me has been unique, they provide a program that works just-for-me rather than me trying to adjust to the usual one-size-fits-all sort of program, even those that are superficially ‘customised’ to individuals offer.

I chose the 12 week program to really kick start my quality-of-life change with a view of reviewing it into a more maintenance type of program from there, all in complete consultation with Ashley.

– Steve Cathcart

I started at Xtreme Results with my trainer Gemma Irving about 20 months ago, my initial goal was to lose around 8 kilos of body fat and increase energy levels, a goal that was well overdue as my 1st child was then 3 years old, I achieved my goal and more (lost 10 kilos) after completing the 12 week transformation.

I found Gemma to be so fantastic during this time in so many ways, she was highly motivating, empathetic and understanding, and provided me with constant knowledge, I now believe when you understand the body and its individual nutritional requirements (which I now do) everything else just falls into place.

It took me by suprise when I fell pregnant for the 2nd time soon after completing this transformation, knowing Gemma has two children of her own I trusted her to train me appropriately throughout my pregnancy.

The difference between carrying my 1st and 2nd child was significant, and I put this down to training with Gemma and following a healthy eating plan she designed for me.

Within 8 weeks of having my 2nd child I am now back to my pre pregnancy weight and feel better than ever before. Gemma I cant thank you enough you are wonderful.

– Estella McCormick

I was referred to Xtreme Results by my GP after I was diagnosed at the age of 56 with diabetes, I was a little unsure at first if this was the right place for me, but in fact it was the best place for me. After completing 12 weeks with Gemma I lost 12 kilos of body fat increased my fitness level tremendously and I no longer have diabetes, which means no more medication. I honestly did not believe this would happen. I strongly recommend anyone who is in the same position I was to give Gemma a call, you wont regret it.

– Gwyn Thompson

My story begins with a phone call to a friend crying because my Crohns Disease had flared up, and yet again I would have to have treatment, she asked what she could do to help and I told her I needed to exercise and wanted to do boxing because it would be good not only for my body but for my mind as well, – enter XTREME RESULTS and the amazing Gemma and Ashley.

Having struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and having my Crohns treatment completed with success, I approached Gemma about maybe doing the 12 week transformation, that was at the end of 2009.

I am proud to say that I have just successfully finished my 12 weeks, and can not say thank you enough to Gemma for giving me this amazing new body. I have gone from a sad size 14 to an amazing size 8/10. I lost 9 kilos, added lean muscle and lost 44 cms. Gemma gave me the support and encouragement that you need when you are going through such major changes, some weeks were hopeless and hard, the next would be fun and exciting.

If you are ready, and I mean really ready, just go and do it, you want be sorry.

Thank you Gemma and Ashley xxxxxxx

– Lisa Rouse

I have tried every diet under the sun to lose weight and I always assumed I had a slow metabolism. No amount of exercise or calorie restriction seemed to make much difference to my appearance. That was until I met Gemma. I told Gemma I would like to have “6-pack abs”. I thought she would laugh at me and tell me that at the age of 41 there was no chance! Instead, she nodded and said “Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem” – I was pleasantly surprised at her positive attitude!

Gemma knows everything about diet and training. She taught me how to eat MORE to lose weight, and speed up my metabolism. Every week I dropped either kilos or inches. The only time I plateaued was one week when I cheated! There was lots of food on the diet – I was never hungry and I enjoyed my meals. Every week I got to socialise with my friends for my “treat meal” where I could drink wine and eat chocolate and not feel guilty! The other surprise was that I didn’t have to kill myself with excessive cardio – just brisk walking a few times a week, along with 2 personal training sessions. The weight fell off, and yes – I have my 6-pack! I feel fantastic and all my friends are commenting on my new lean look. My metabolism is soaring and my energy levels are the best they’ve been in a long time. I can’t thank Gemma enough – this is the best money I have ever spent on myself.

If you are thinking of doing this program, my advice is DO IT! – but stick exactly to the program and don’t cheat! 12 weeks is such a short time out of our entire lives – and at the end of it you just might look and feel Amazing!

– Sally Hawkins

Before Brooke and I signed up to the 12 week tranformation we drank lots, ate a ton of junk food and exercise was dancing on a Saturday night! We spent about 12 months doing this and eventually it all caught up with us and all of a sudden we’re realising clothes don’t fit, we lack energy and we’re generally pretty unhealthy – and at 22 and 25 thats not a good thing. With the rest of our lives ahead of us we decided to make a change.

Brooke and I decided to sign up to the 12 week challenge firstly because we were inspired by Lisa’s results and saw potential for the both of us to lose weight, gain muscle and learn a thing or 2 about a healthy lifestyle. Neither of us were very happy with our bodies or what we looked like – clothes didn’t fit, photos looked bad and things were just getting worse and we both knew we had to do something drastic to change it.

During our 12 weeks we gained knowledge about different exercises and knowing what the right kinds of food are, this will benefit us for the rest of our lives. The challenge was certainly that – a challenge. We struggled and pushed through it with the support of Gemma and in the end Brooke lost 12.5kg and I lost 13kg and at the end we both couldn’t believe we’d done it. All our clothes fit, we’re healthy and still eating right and exercising.

Gemma has instilled lots of good habits in the both of us and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks for everything

– Brooke and Maddy :)

At 52 and obese I realised that I had to do something about my weight which I had been gaining for a long period of time. I kept thinking about my sons and when they have children what sort of grandmother I would be when I couldn’t even bend over and tie my shoes without great difficulty. I knew I wanted to be the sort of grandmother that could actively play with my grand children and that if I didn’t’ do something right now my health would continue on a downward slide. I voiced this opinion to a friend who recommended Gemma as her friend had done the 12 week tranformation and was really successful. At first I was hesitant as I had never been to a gym or had a personal trainer and had preconceived ideas of what this would be like which ended up being totally false. Gemma couldn’t have been more supportive.

I contacted Gemma and let her know that I needed to lose around 25 kg and that I had been struggling with different diets for many years. I started the challenge wondering what the heck I was doing and thinking this would probably kill me. Instead as I started the new eating plan, walking in the morning and doing my personal training sessions I felt really good about myself and this new journey. Gemma taught me how to speed up my metabolism by following a healthy eating plan and exercise. Gemma was exceptionally patient and allowed me time to learn the proper form with the weights so I did not injure myself, stuff you would never get out of a book or DVD.

I have lost just over 10kg and 57cm, was wearing size 18-20 clothes and now fit size 14. I am still on track to lose the rest of my excess weight and get back to a size 10. I feel more energized, healthier, have much more flexibility and am much happier than I have felt in a very long time. I really enjoy my morning walks along the beach front and see this as my ‘me’ time before starting my busy working day.

Thank you Gemma for sharing your knowledge and good humour during this time I could not have done this without you. I will continue to use my eating plan as my base because it is easy to follow with fresh food choices instead of pre-packaged meals. I have signed up to continue with my personal training sessions because I enjoy them so much and look forward to reaching my goal weight.

– Chris Mooney