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12 weeks out from the INBA QLD’s. In the past week I have managed to drop 1.5ml and my weight has actually gone down by 500g. I am certainly starting to get very hungry except for the meal after training, I don’t find myself searching for my dinner yet as my body is not used to eating

at this time of night. My coach has manipulated my diet again to prevent plateaus. I love the new plan as I still feel very satisfied after my meals, and who couldn’t love the feeling of eating clean. I still have my one meal a week to eat what I choose which I do look forward to, but I must say that I really notice the difference in the way I feel the next day, I am much more tired and just feel less healthy. My coach is very aware of ensuring that he keeps the calories up as high as possible in these stages as there is so much more he can then play with and less chance of muscle and energy loss. In fact all his competitors have been saying how much they are loving their diets and how satisfied they are feeling while still getting lean. I can’t fault this plan at all in terms of healthy eating, there is nothing I am missing out on in regards to macro and micronutrients. I know I am eating far more than the average person who struggles with fat loss. I believe the majority of the population are too afraid of eating more to encourage fat loss, this fact is better known these days but it seems so many people cant get that emotional connection with reducing carbs and calories in their daily diets. I have been practicing my posing as often as possible which gets so much more enjoyable the leaner your get. I have noticed my abs are really starting to be revealed which I love. I still have not shifted any of the fat off my lower back/hips which I down laid throughout pregnancy, gotta love those hormones ha ha! This is a stubborn area for me along with the legs, but I was pleased to see the legs mls drop over the last few week’s as this is definitely a huge goal of mine this comp. I would love to see some great definition and some hardness in the quads and hammies. Training is going well and Ash is really pushing me which is great, so lucky to have someone of his calibre take charge and push me to my limits. My baby is refusing to take a bottle ggrrr, she is a stubborn girl but I can be too ha! This weekend I will try the control crying, she is 13 months now and I am happy to have breastfed her this long. I prepared for the WFF Southern Hemispheres in 2008 which I placed 2nd while I was breastfeeding my son, I stopped 6 weeks before comp and I really think this was very unwise as it is just too hard on the body, as much as my baby was thriving I missed out. Well that’s it for this week. Stay tuned. Below is a pic of me 12 weeks out. I’ll post more pic’s along the way so you can see my progress. Sorry about the quality, I will make sure the next one is clearer. Gem ☺

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