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22/7/12 9 WEEKS OUT!

9 weeks out woohoo! The callipers showed that I had dropped 2.5 ml and I have actually gained 1kg since I started show prep, very happy about this, I’m now sitting at 54kg, (I’m 157cm). This week Ash has changed my breakfast protein from a shake to eggs or meat… and he has also swapped my good fat energy source in meal 3 to another source, he has also upped my cardio a little! Its cheat meal day today yey! I’m guessing the cheat meal will be going soon so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Now that I’m getting much leaner I notice the change in my body a few hours after my

cheat meal, my muscles really fill out which makes it fun to practise posing. I have felt quite a difference in the past week in my body, I’m starting to fit into my comp wardrobe lol, between competing and having children you tend to acquire a variety of sizes in your closet. I can really see my body responding to my meals during the day as I change a lot, in the morning I look very flat and lean then at night I look much fuller. I’m looking forward to the coming week as tonight is the last breastfeed I will give my, this means I am now able to utilise different sports supplements which will make training even better. Bring it on!

29/7/12 8 WEEKS OUT!

Wow such a difference this week. I have absolutely noticed my energy levels increase since finishing breastfeeding. I am now using some basic sports supplements which is fantastic, however i dont love the watery feeling the creatine gives me but I am loving the pumps while training and its been so good having an extra caffeine later in the day as I was previously only having the one black cup in the morning. The cardio is going well and I will start mixing things up a bit now just so my body keeps guessing. Some of my protein shakes have been dropped so its extra food preparation for me lol! Ash has such a great way of preparing clients in terms of food as instead of just dropping food out each week he actually mixed things up a lot, which keeps things interesting, and it seems to make time go faster. You don’t get sick of the food either, which is fabulous. Registration papers are out which makes everything so real. This week I put on 300gram and lost 1.5ml, Ash and I are very happy as everything is going to plan. My 8 week comp progress pic below.

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